’78 Mongoose Motomag on the Bench

Mongoose Motomag


This is going to be the first of many builds I will featuring on this blog. I found a not in perfect condition 78-79 Mongoose which had its flaws; removed stock stickers, aftermarket headset and the big one, a drilled to lower gusset! By looking at the hole, it appears to be have done bike shop to accommodate a kickstand (or someone wanted to make his ‘goose look like a Cook Bros) It’s hard to say.

Most builders would probably pass this one by, I kind of like the story. There is no reason to trash it because it has ben tampered with or wrecked. That fact is, it is a survivor! Great bones with a twist is much more interesting.

I have been scouring the internet and my contacts to resource the parts I need to start putting this together.


The Old School BMX Project





Glenn leading the pack.



BMX has been a part of my life from the inseption of bicycle motocross in the early 70’s. Any BMX’er will tell you that riding or racing a BMX bike is less an activity and more of a lifestyle, I am included in that group. I raced at expert level all through the early 70″s to the early 80’s. I road my bikes, a Webco and Redline Proline, everyday…I worked on them every night for no reason what so ever, bmx was my life.

To this day, I still love the BMX bikes, be it the memories, the design and innovation or just the way they look. I want to share, inform and maybe sell what I feature on this site. What I plan on posting on “The Old School BMX Project” is exactly that; highlighting great old bikes and parts, videos and how to’s and restorations I am working on.

If you share the same passion and have an interest in old and mid school bmx, please hit the follow button and participate in celebrating the rich history of this amazing sport.

Glenn Smith