Cool Mid-School Done Old School

Here is another build I finished up in December and gave to a group of good friends. This group of friends are kids ranging from 8 years old to 17 years old and they share everything.

This is a GT I found at a Boy Scout of America fund raiser. When I took possession it was pretty rough, as you can see here:


I do what I do best, I stripped it down to nothing as you should always do…

IMG_4142 IMG_4145

Cleaned up the salvageable parts, stripped the paint and got it ready for paint.

I found that auto paint and engine block paint works really well and is durable. I sprayed it with 2 coats the put 3 coats of clear on top. I did have to replace a few parts but nothing too expensive, I hate to buy parts that cost more than the bike is worth.

Here is the reassembled mid school everyday bike built on a shoestring. Most my other build, not so “shoestring”.

IMG_4280 IMG_4273

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