Stepping Way Back On This Build


On the bench now is this classic of classics, a ’73 Schwinn Stingray getting ready to be given the resto-mod treatment to honor the beginnings of Old School BMX. Way back in the day, before there where BMX specific manufactures and high dollar this and that, we made our own rides and raced them as hard as we could.

What made this era awesome was the creativity of each kid, or willing dad, to make a bitch’n bike. This included scalping parts from motorcycles and junkers, to retro-fitting forks off a 10 speed just to give that chopper race look.

Here is a couple of good examples of some bikes from back then:

This top bike is just plain cool (and what I am taking my inspiration from). The one down below is pretty much that standard look.

IMG_0389 IMG_0390

I will be posting the latest updates on this bike and also the wrap up of the Motomag Mongoose that is almost finished. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy sharing it, so please pass it on to a friend and follow.

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