Things Are Moving Along Nicely

Last Post, I shared with  you my latest project on my bench; 1978 Mongoose Motomag. It has been over a week and parts are arriving, in mass. Very exciting here in the shop. Here is a quick look at what has showed up:

The parts pile begins.
The parts pile begins.

I found these MotoMags in fair condition and spent a good 4-6 hours cleaning them up to the original finish. No buffing or polishing. I have also restored them back to a kick-back brake, the previous owner tried to make a ghetto freewheel without knowing exactly how to do that. So, we are back to stock.

Other parts are “rat trap” peddles, fluted seat post. Oury grips and so on.

IMG_4906 IMG_4907 IMG_4909

This is the latest pictures of this bike. I am waiting on the correct cranks or era appropriate cranks. What was cool about the early “Old School” builds is that we ‘Frankensteined’ our bikes together. We used what we had or could modify. That what make this sport so great.

When the rest of the parts arrive I will post this complete bike. (also keep in mind that this bike will also be for sale when I complete this “Rad-Ride”.

Please feel free to comment and share this blog with anyone that you might enjoy it.



P.S This is the next on the bench, Not so much a BMX Bike but a vintage cruiser getting my touch!

Next on the bench.
Next on the bench.

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